We focus on developing robust system applications to meet your business needs, using unique and beautiful solutions in the mobile and web arena.

App development

Having produced multiple mobile applications into the marketplace Six Digital are experts in developing apps and taking them to market.  Read More »

Web Development

Technology has evolved a lot over the last 10 years and this has made the web an amazing place to be! Read More »

Systems Development

If your business is still working with paper and excel spreadsheets, you need us! Read More »

Systems Integration

Worried about your existing software? Existing systems such as sage, SAP, Pastel, CRM and mailing systems can be seamlessly integrated with our custom software to improve efficiency and productivity.Read More »

Tech Consulting

Are you technologically disabled? Do you need to make important business decisions about technology? Let our 10 years of experience help you make these choices.Read More »

Tech Startup

We have been involved in multiple successful tech start-ups’. With our development skills and experience in building and launching startups, we’re the folks to help you with you with your idea! Read More »

Grow Profits

Simple Solutions


We're turning businesses into highly efficient and effective power houses using Hybrid apps. Hybrid apps can be deployed across multiple platforms from the same codebase which makes the task most cost effective as well as quicker and easier to maintain. Our applications are focussed on improving business performance by streamlining processes to cut down on inefficiencies and automation problems.

Systems Applications


If you have a growing business still working with paper and excel spreadsheets, you need us! We design bespoke mobile based software to effectively run and grow your business.

90% of our customers have existing, purchased software systems which sort of, kind of does the job, but not really. We’re here to fix that.

We consult with the different departments in your business to understand their specific needs before designing mobile based software to effectively run and grow your business.


Who we are & what we do

About Six Digital

We’ve come a long way since 2005.
Established in 2005 we have come a long way!

We are passionate about creating efficiencies and automated processes through building bespoke digital web & mobile solutions and integrating them with existing software systems and platforms.

We design, build and maintain solid, robust and innovative mobile and web applications. And provide these unique & intelligent solutions to customers globally.

Being a small agency situated in South Africa hasn’t stopped us from servicing customers across the globe from The United States, Peru, United Kingdom, Dubai, Kenya, Australia,  and Italy.

We have a true passion for building super awesome web and mobile applications which solve automation problems and improve inefficiencies within businesses.


Plan and Understand

Failing to plan means planning to fail. We plan and understand your requirements before we quote and execute.



When looking for people to hire, we look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy.



We understand innovation is important to keep any business relevant and dedicate ourselves to being your innovation partner



Consistency between security and threat management is a key factor in our great reputation and customer trust.

Among our clients


Below is a collection of our latest, greatest projects. You will see we have worked with a great variety of different projects and clients gaining experience across multiple fields.

Our passion for building effective systems and business processes has brought Six Digital to the forefront of our industry.


We would love to engage with you on your automation needs or project idea. We love working with committed, ambitious, forward-thinking business owners and individuals.


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