Mziiki is Africa’s premier music website which makes use of various API feeds to drive the content of the site. The site is built on angular.js and is highly optimised for speed and proficiency within the African market.

Features of the site include a custom built music player and integration into various mobile operators in different countries.

Mziiki is available on web, mobile feature phone, Andriod and iOS Apps, reaches millions of users on a monthly basis.

“Music is more than a passion, it’s about joining the movement. Listen, Love, Share”

Client: Mziiki Africa

Category: Systems Development


I Listen

My music is a part of me. It’s the beat in my feet. It keeps me inspired.

I Love

My music sets me free. It’s my expression. It’s the rhythm of my life.

I Share

It’s the music of friends. It’s joining the musical celebration and moving to the groove.